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50 Cent Is Just Latest Homeowner To Be Bankrupted By This...

AFRICANGLOBE - Curtis Jackson, also known as rapper 50 Cent, filed documents in a Connecticut bankruptcy court on Monday, showing that he was spending $72,000 a month to maintain a home that has already housed other famous bankrupts.

Is It Too Late For Black People In America? – A...

AFRICANGLOBE - In all of our grandeur, all of our pomposity, all of our red-carpet flash, all of our champagne-sipping-braggadocios-arrogance, Black people have sunk to new levels of selfishness, self-hate, and insecurity. Our collective prosperity is virtually nonexistent because we have fallen for the ploy that directs us toward “I” rather than “we.”

Mike Tyson: I Caught Robin Givens Cheating With Brad Pitt

AFRICANGLOBE - Before Brad Pitt was a household name, he was an unwelcome guest in the home of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson....

Evander Holyfield Files Lawsuit to Save Memorabilia After Bankruptcy

Evander Holyfield filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Thursday in attempt to stop the upcoming auction of some of his boxing memorabilia. Holyfield’s lawsuit is...