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In The Game Of Maritime Power Politicking, Is Africa The Biggest...

AFRICANGLOBE - Diminutive Djibouti seems set to become dangerously overcrowded: not with immigrants, or a harmful animal species, but rather with foreign military bases. Already home to Camp Lemonnier, the United States of America’s (USA’s) only acknowledged African base, it was widely reported earlier this year that China intends to join the USA, France and Japan in establishing a permanent military presence there.

Why Are There So Many Military Bases In Djibouti?

AFRICANGLOBE - Djibouti, a small country on the Red Sea, is already home to military bases from the US and France, the former colonial power, but China's interest is now becoming increasingly apparent. What makes this horn of Africa nation attractive to global military powers?

WARNING: American Bombs Ready To Fall On Wedding Ceremonies In Africa

“Africa must be an end in itself. It must not be towed like a vessel by any political, military power or bloc. It must...