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How Did All This Military Hardware End Up In Police Hands?

AFRICANGLOBE - U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered a review of the distribution of military hardware to state and local police. Great. Now can we have a review of the distribution of military influence throughout US society?

U.S. Donates Aircrafts To Slave Trading Mauritania

AFRICANGLOBE - The US government has donated two new Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft to the slave trading nation of Mauritania's Islamic Air Force (FAIM) to boost its capacity to conduct patrols to counter maritime crimes and regional terrorist groups.

Nigerian Troops Uncover Arab Warehouse Loaded With Weapons in Kano

AFRICANGLOBE - Operatives of the Nigerian Army Special Forces on Tuesday night, raided a Arab owned warehouse stuffed with sophisticated military hardware in Kano. It was revealed that highly sophisticated military hardware that include about 40 Air to surface Missiles, 50 bombs, 200 Rocket Propeller Launchers..