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France ‘Ready’ To Bomb Rebels On Libya Border

AFRICANGLOBE - France says it is ready to carry out strikes against fighters crossing out of Libya's southern border, and prevent the flow of weapons to groups fighting in Africa's lawless Sahel region.

The U.S. And Global Wars: Empire Or Vampire?

AFRICANGLOBE - The notion that the US is building an empire, by engaging in wars to exploit and plunder countries’ markets, resources and labor, defies the realities of the past two decades. US wars have not resulted in the expansion of markets, greater control and exploitation of resources or the ability to exploit cheap labor. Instead US wars have destroyed enterprises, reduced access to raw materials, killed, wounded or displaced productive workers around the world, and limited access to lucrative investment sites and markets via sanctions.

Thabo Mbeki Spills The British Beans

AFRICANGLOBE - I am hardly surprised by Thabo Mbeki’s recent revelations about an attempted British military intervention in Zimbabwe. What Mugabe did to the White farmers angered the White establishment. Although they feign a righteous concern over human rights and democracy, the real issue is bitterness over land. They are inconsolable.

UN Report Accuses Mali Army of Targeting Arabs and Tuaregs

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent military intervention in northern Mali has been followed by a serious escalation of retaliatory violence by Government soldiers who appeared to be targeting members of various ethnic groups perceived to be supportive of the armed groups, a senior United Nations official warned today.

Algeria Opposing Military Intervention in Northern Mali

International military intervention in Mali would be an “adventure” that would never succeed, Algeria warned on Tuesday, urging a political solution to pave the...

Countdown to Military Intervention in Mali Begins

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is looking forward to assistance from the international community to stabilise the country and hold elections. Malian Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra...

Mali War Plan to Be Ready Within Weeks

An African plan for military intervention in Mali to help government troops reclaim territory from Arab terrorist will be ready within weeks, the head...

Mali: Military Intervention Looms, But Not Soon

The planned west African intervention force in Mali is not expected to be there before the end of the year, despite the UN Security...

Understanding Algeria’s Hidden Hand in the Mali Crisis

After years of calling for greater military action in northern Mali, Algeria is now advocating a negotiated solution. Why the apparent change the heart? In...

France to Propose Mali Resolution at UN

France will soon propose a resolution to the Security Council paving the way for United Nations approval of military intervention in Mali, the French...

Coward African Leaders: Military Intervention in Mali a Last Resort

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will continue to follow the path of diplomacy and dialogue in the resolution of the Arab...

West Africa Lukewarn on French Intervention in Mali

West African countries have given an unenthusiastic response to Laurent Fabius's calls to take part in a military intervention in Mali during the French...

West African Puppet Leaders Planning Military Intervention in Mali

The West African regional group (ECOWAS) is mulling a military intervention in Mali following last week's coup against President Amadou Toumani Toure's government. But before...

Ugandans Wonder: Is US After Kony, Or Oil?

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandans are unsure of the Obama administration’s agenda in its military intervention in the hunt for rebel leader Joseph Kony. Why now, they ask. Jackee Budesta Batanda reports that peace activists are skeptical about military approaches to the conflict.