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Anger Over EU’s ‘Slave Trade’ Rhetoric As Naval Operations Begin In...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 300 leading migration experts have collectively denounced plans for military operations against Libyan smugglers, calling them “entirely self-serving”, based on “a dangerous perversion of history”, and reminiscent of the actions of countries that enabled the 18th-century slavery business.

Surprising Map Shows All The African Countries Where The U.S. Has...

AFRICANGLOBE - Thirteen nations – stretching from the Horn of Africa to Mali’s western border – already house U.S. troops involved in “actual military operations.” Their presence is widely considered part of an expanding “shadow war” in the region – and the American people know very little about it.

The Egyptian Army’s Economic Juggernaut

"From needles to rockets" is a common Egyptian phrase used to describe a business offering a wide range of merchandise, and is always used in exaggeration. But when referring to the economy of the Egyptian army - which ousted the country's first civilian president last month - the expression is spot-on.