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‘I Was Supposed To Be Dead’, Says Young Man After Being...

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s a sad reality in Brazil. If you’re a Black male and you’re stopped by Military Police, all you can do is hope for the best as too many stories have shown, the outcome can be tragic. Today’s situation is simply the latest in this history.

The Genocide Continues! Brazil’s Military Police Kill 15 Black Men In...

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s shameful, sickening and saddening how often this news of police assassinations of Afro-Brazilian males comes out of Brazil. We’ve long called it genocide as has Amnesty International as there appears to be a clear agenda to decrease the Black male population with lethal force. How else can you explain the horrendous numbers of police murders that clearly has a preference for skin color?

Video Catches Brazilian Death Squad Assaulting And Breaking Black Woman’s Arm

AFRICANGLOBE - Another cop story from Rio. This notorious mob of law enforcement has done it again! Last year, Military Police made headlines and left of us mourning due to the horrendous shooting and dragging death of Cláudia Ferreira da Silva.

“Ferguson Is Nowhere In Brazil But I Wish It Was!”

AFRICANGLOBE - In the United States, a young Black man is killed by the police and it creates a violent crisis in American society, affecting the Obama government itself. Everything burns! In Brazil young Blacks are killed in bulk every day.

Documentary Sheds Light On Black Brazilians Affected By Military Police Massacres

AFRICANGLOBE - Sure there are plenty of things of which one can like about Brazil. But police murders and violent oppression of poor, mostly Black neighborhoods in not one of them. The number of homicides coming out of Brazil are more synonymous with a country at war than a country that officially ended a 21 year military dictatorship nearly 30 years ago. And although people still don’t like to admit the influence of race, the irrefutable fact is that such violence affects Black Brazilians much more than those who are considered White.

Brazil: Five Black Teens Killed In Massacre – Police Death Squad...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sometimes there are simply no words to describe tragedies that happen. And as these type of things are the norm in Brazil, what more can really be said? One thing is that there is simply a disregard for life and another is that it appears that Black youth are endangered species throughout the country.

March Against Black Genocide Galvanizes 50,000 In Brazil; Where Is The...

AFRICANGLOBE - The consistent pattern of genocide being carried out against the Black population of Brazil has long been a topic of concern. Whether being killed in day to day violence, by Military Police (MP) in actions of which the policy seems to be “shoot first and ask questions later”, death squads whose hit men are often composed of off-duty MPs or victims of the stray bullets fired in majority Black neighborhoods, the bodies continue to stack up.