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Egypt Seeks Saudi Help In Challenging Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt is preparing a formal request for Gulf intervention under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, in order to back Cairo’s stance vis-à-vis the ongoing dispute with Ethiopia about the Renaissance Dam. The mediation request comes as part of a basket of escalatory measures adopted by the Egyptian regime in January, following the breakdown of technical negotiations among the Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian water resources ministers.

Enough Is Enough: It’s Time for Washington to Cut Egypt Loose

With blood in Egypt's streets and a return to a state of emergency, it's time for Washington to stop pretending. Washington should, and probably will, call for a return to an elected civilian government, a rapid end to the state of emergency, and restraint in the use of force. When that doesn't happen, it needs to suspend aid and relations until Cairo begins to take it seriously.

Mauritania: President’s Shooting Reveals Military Regime Parading As a Democracy

When the news spread that Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz of Mauritania had been shot my reaction was, "it finally happened!" While many of the details...