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US Evacuates Embassy In Libya Amid Unrest

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States has temporarily closed its embassy in Libya and evacuated the staff to neighboring Tunisia because of heavy fighting near the embassy site in Tripoli. The State Department says it has suspended embassy operations due to "ongoing violence between Libyan militias."

Militias Running The Show In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The militias that brought down the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 show no signs of weakening, and diplomats are warning that the situation in the country continues to deteriorate. Nearly three years after the revolution that ousted Gaddafi, the new Libya is still struggling to find peace and stability.

Libya Issues Ultimatum to Militias

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week-end's bloody attack on anti-militia protesters in Benghazi stirred a large debate about the role of the military in a country that has been suffering from security turmoil since the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

A Year Later, Libyan Militias Still Hold Thousands of Africans

The Libyan government should take immediate steps to assume custody of all of the roughly 5,000 detainees still held by Libyan militias. The Defense...

Libyan Rebels Turn Black Cities Into Ghost Towns

AFRICANGLOBE - Omar Embarka crumbles when she sees the pictures of the Libyan city where she was born and lived until two months ago. "We will be back in Tawargha one day," the 25-year-old repeats to herself. The images say otherwise.