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Equatorial Guinea Basking In Oil Glory

AFRICANGLOBE - Once a poor country, Equatorial Guinea seems to be overtaking many rich countries on the continent and at this current pace, the country needs only a few years to become one of Africa’s infrastructure hubs.

Africa: Why Are We So Poor? Yet We Are So Rich?

AFRICANGLOBE - There appears to be something special happening - an unprecedented consensus across Africa on maximizing local benefits from Africa's resources. Indeed, one can speak of a new or 21st century resource nationalism, or a "resource Pan-Africanism",

China Sees Africa Trade Evolving Beyond Mineral Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the biggest trends in global economic and trade ties in recent years has been the growing relationship between China and Africa. Trade between the two reached $210bn last year - up from just $10bn in 2000.

The Map That Could Save Africa A Trillion Dollars?

AFRICANGLOBE - A World Bank initiative that aims to compile Africa’s mineral maps into a single, public database: the so-called Billion Dollar Map. The alleged goal is to give African nations as much information as possible about their natural resources so that they can earn a fair price for the minerals they sell.

Africans Struggle To Benefit From Their Oil And Mineral Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - A major new survey of African countries which depend on mining or oil revenues shows that six in 10 people have difficulty in finding out how their governments spend the proceeds of the resources. This is among the findings of a report published by Afrobarometer

World Bank To Setup $1 Billion Fund To Map Africa’s Mineral...

AFRICANGLOBE - The World Bank wants to launch a $1 billion fund in July to map the mineral resources of Africa, using satellites and airborne surveys to fill geological gaps across the continent where a lack of adequate data hampers mining investments.

Europeans Financing Conflicts In Africa In Order To Plunder It’s Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe has told heads of intelligence services in Africa that scores of brutal conflicts on the continent are bankrolled by Europeans whose motive is to plunder Africa's mineral resources.

 President Mugabe said Africa's vast reserves of untapped minerals and the global recession had triggered a new scramble for Africa

Uganda Set to Showcase its Mineral Wealth

Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) is planning for the first mineral wealth conference scheduled October in an effort to attract local and...

China Offers Sincere, Unconditional Help to Africa?

China, as a true friend of Africa, has provided sincere and unconditional aid for the continent by improving infrastructure and pouring investment there, African...

Africa Must Manage the Sustainability of Its Mineral Resources

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Dr. Toni Aubynn on Wednesday called on players in the extractive industry to effectively manage the sustainability of the mineral resources at their disposal. This, he noted, would enable the African continent to develop at a pace that would be appreciable by all. "There is a crucial need for Africa to manage the sustainability of its mineral resources since mining has done a lot in the development of the continent," noted Dr. Aubynn, at the media launch of the upcoming West African Mining and Power Conference & Exhibition (WAMPOC/WAMPEX) in Accra.