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Liberia's Govt Signs U.S.$2.6 Billion Mineral Agreement

The Sirleaf Administration believes Liberia's economic salvation – and perhaps the reconciliation of its people – lies in the attraction of foreign investment in order to reduce poverty. The administration has therefore signed yet another mineral management agreement with the "winner" of a recent bid.

Afro-Colombian Resistance in La Guajira

Colombia has the dubious distinction of having the most displaced persons in the world – per capita and in raw numbers. An overwhelming proportion of the displaced are Afro-Colombians, who are locked in a life and death struggle with multinational corporations that covet their land.

Ethiopia Signs Oil an Gas Contracts

Ethiopia has signed agreements with eight international companies that will explore for gas and oil deposits across the country. The Horn of African country’s Ministry...

Russia Joins China in a Bid to Control Zimbabwe's Diamonds

Russia is set to join China in controlling diamond mining in Zimbabwe, with the Federation's state diamond group seeking a license to mine at the lucrative Chiadzwa fields.

Liberia to Start Exporting Iron Ore Again, First Large Post-Conflict Investment

With global demand for steel on the rise, Liberia is re-entering the ranks of the world's significant producers of the iron ore needed to produce it.

Uganda- China Trade Up Fivefold

The volume of trade between Rwanda and China multiplied five-fold between 2005 and 2009, resulting into direct investment of Chinese companies in mining, ICT, tourism, and other key sectors of the Rwandan economy.