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Fake Blood-Covered Mannequins: Italy’s First Black Minister is Targeted Again

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's far-right Forza Nuova party left three mannequins covered in fake blood at the front door of an administrative office in Rome on Wednesday in the latest attack on Italy's first Black minister.

Noose Protest Against Italy’s First Black Minister Cecile Kyenge

AFRICANGLOBE - Italian police on Monday were investigating far-right militants suspected of hanging nooses to protest Italy's first Black minister Cecile Kyenge, two days after a lowlife senator compared her to an orangutan.

Italy’s First Black Minister Defiant In Face of Racist Slurs, Death...

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's first Black minister has responded to a barrage of sexist and racial insults by saying she is proud to be Black, not colored, and that Italy is not really a racist country.