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Africa Tourism Ministers Meet With Official From Caribbean Tourism Organization

AFRICANGLOBE - Minister Walter Mzembi, the Zimbabwe Minister responsible for Tourism, and Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, met with Carol Hay of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in Madrid yesterday. The meeting took place at the Seychelles stand at FITUR, the tourism trade fair of Spain.

South Africa Charge Striking Miners With Murder Committed by Police

South Africa's justice minister on Friday rebuked prosecutors for charging 270 striking miners with the murder of 34 of their colleagues who were shot...

Sudan Economy Facing Daunting Challenges – IMF

Sudan's fragile economy is facing "daunting" challenges , the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in its first assessment of the economic health of the...

Normalcy Returns to Mogadishu

It is Friday morning in Mogadishu and Lido beach presents a scene reminiscent of seaside towns around the world. At the top of the...

Former Rebels Attack Libyan Government Headquarters

Truckloads of armed men attacked the Tripoli headquarters of Libya’s interim prime minister on Tuesday, in a new demonstration of lawlessness pervading in the capital...

South Sudan Pleads for International Assistance in Tackling Khartoum’s Aggression

South Sudan is now urging the international community to urgently intervene and resolve a crisis between the new nation and its northern neighbour, which...

Sudan Begs China for Help in Resolving Oil Dispute With S....

The Sudanese government (north) asked China to intervene and attempt to break the deadlock with South Sudan over the issue of oil. Sudan's foreign minister...

Chinese Influx Threatens Eastern Caribbean Businesses

Reacting to entrepreneurs' complaints that the influx of Chinese businesses was posing a threat to their survival, St Lucia's foreign minister Alva Baptiste said...

Aboriginal Righteous Anger

Australia’s aboriginals – her original people – were nearly wiped out by the invading British, starting in 1788. “Their lands were stolen, they were killed by new diseases, and even their children were taken from them as late as the 20th century.” A recent aboriginal demonstration frightened Australia’s prime minister, prompting accusations that the aboriginals were showing bad manners. But, “What are bad manners in comparison to genocide?”

Military Mutiny in Papua New Guinea

The Australian-backed Papua New Guinean government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill appears to have suppressed a military mutiny that erupted yesterday. The incident underscores the unstable political situation in the South Pacific country, with the ruling elite divided and a constitutional crisis unresolved.