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Ethiopia Cautious About Establishing Buffer Zone In Somalia

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia is considering the establishment of a buffer zone inside Somalia to deter cross-border attacks from Al-Shabaab with high caution, a senior government official said. Media reports indicated this week that Ethiopia and its southern neighbor Kenya are in discussions to create a buffer zone inside Somalia along their respective borders.

Ethiopian Embassy to Sue Saudi Media for Defaming its Nationals

The Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia is considering suing individuals and the media for defaming members of Ethiopian community. Many Saudi TV programs have falsely reported Ethiopians and other Africans as members with armed gangs in Saudi Arabia who live in remote area and involve in armed robberies and other illegal activities.

Saudi Arabia Jails 1000 Female Pilgrims From Nigeria

About 1000 female Nigerian pilgrims are still detained by Saudi authorities even as the two countries are still involved in "high level diplomatic talks"...

Canadian Company Discovers Another 1.3 Billion Tonnes of Potash in Ethiopia

Alana Potash, a Canadian mining company has discovered 1.3 billion tonnes of potash deposits at its site in Ethiopia. The company has been exploring for...