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The Poisonous Racism Driving Protests In Ferguson And The Rest Of...

AFRICANGLOBE For decades, Missouri has spawned or attracted many of the nation's most virulent racists, including neo-Nazis and the remnants of the once-powerful Ku Klux Klan. Associated with violent criminality and crackpot religious extremism, these fringe groups could never wield much influence in the post-civil rights era. Beyond those marginalized outfits, however, exists another White supremacist group whose leaders have long enjoyed the patronage of right-wing Republican politicians.

The Gantt Report – Thinkers In Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - If you’re a Black teenager, a Black woman or a Black man wherever you are, no matter what city you’re in you are in “Ferguson”! I’ve said many times over the years that you need serious solutions to serious Black community problems. The cookie cutter approach to addressing issues of concern to African Americans has never worked well and that approach never will.

Law Enforcement’s Shameful Campaign Against Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Do not take the bait, now being peddled by the Missouri police to cover their tracks, that Michael Brown was approached because he matched a suspect description. In New York, the NYPD instructed officers to stop the “right people,” even if they did nothing to appear suspicious. And who were those “right people”? "Young Black men in their late teens, early twenties."

One Shot And Seven Arrested After Curfew Takes Effect In Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - Militarized police units once again attacked protesters on Saturday night in Ferguson, Missouri, after Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency there following a week of protests surrounding the fatal shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9. Nixon also instituted a curfew from midnight to 5 a.m.

Militarization Of Ferguson: Instruments Of War Deployed Against Civilians

AFRICANGLOBE - Military equipment utilized in war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen was deployed against the Black people in Ferguson. Humvees and anti-mining devices were very much in evidence when SWAT units swept through the affected neighborhoods which have refused to end their demonstrations.

Michael Brown, Another Unarmed Black Teen Gunned Down By Police

AFRICANGLOBE - A friend and witnesses say Missouri teen Michael Brown was unarmed and had his hands in the air when a Ferguson police officer shot and killed him. Protests in Missouri around the death of an unarmed teen turned violent late Sunday. A gas station was looted, and police called for additional units to back up officers already on the street,

Zimmerman Verdict: KKK Now Recruiting ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Members

AFRICANGLOBE - Some neighbors on Springfield, Missouri's west-central side were surprised by an “invitation” that landed in their yards. On Sunday morning he went to get his paper, he made a surprising discovery.

African-American Murder Rate in Missouri Highest in Nation

Murder rates for black people living in Missouri is the highest in the nation. The Violence Policy Center released new FBI data, based on 2009 figures, Wednesday. It shows the black murder rate in Missouri is 34 per 100,000 black residents.The Center says that's seven times the national average.