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The Fear of a Romney America

Hello? Fellow Americans? Can we talk? As I sit here on a flat, gray day, mere hours away from the direction of our nation being...

Obama, Romney to Make Their Final Case on Last Day of...

President Barack Obama andRepublican challenger Mitt Romney make a frenetic dash to a series of crucial swing states on Monday, delivering their final arguments...

Challenged in Ohio Romney Turns to Slavery Ads

The key swing state of Ohio is officially a “tossup” capable of going to either President Barack Obama or his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, according to...

Presidential Poll Shows Large Racial Divide

A Pew Research Center presidential poll released this week found a racial chasm possibly of historic proportions among White Americans and other ethnicities in their support...

Has The Election Already Been Stolen For Romney And Ryan?

AFRICANGLOBE - Mitt Romney has direct ties to voting machines. His son, Tagg Romney (who wanted to punch Barack Obama in the face) and a cadre of former Bain Capital business partners are owners of Hart Intercivic, whose voting machines are used in all fifty states.

John Sununu: The Bitter Bigot

John Sununu has been the most racially charged angry man against President Obama. Then you look around and see why Sununu is so angry at...

African Americans Vote Early in Battleground State

The U.S. presidential election is approaching, and excitement is building in key states where voters could determine the outcome if the race is close....

Debate Watchers Say Obama Won

Thanks to an aggressive performance and a couple of zingers, a plurality of debate watchers questioned in a national survey say that the president...

What If Mitt Romney Wins?

With the presidential election right around the corner and most of the pundits saying the race is Obama’s to lose, I have begun to...

President Obama and Mitt Romney to Meet for Final Debate Showdown

While foreign policy became an unexpected pivotal point in last week's town-hall style presidential debate, Monday's final showdown is to focus entirely on international...

Obama Wins Debate Convincingly As Romney Is Rattled On Libya Question

Barack Obama came campaigning like a candidate last night not a president. He did to Mitt Romney what Joe Biden did to Paul Ryan last...

Obama Score Debate Win Over Romney

Forty-six percent of voters who watched Tuesday night's presidential debate said that the president won the showdown, according to a ORC International nationwide poll...

Pressure On Obama to Win Presidential Debate

President Barack Obama is under heavy pressure in his debate rematch with Mitt Romney on Tuesday to turn in a more forceful performance that...

Koch Brothers Tell Workers: Vote for Romney or ‘Suffer the Consequences’

As a contentious election season enters its final weeks, a flurry of communication from corporate leaders to rank-and-file workers strongly implies that voting for...

Do African-Americans Support Obama Because He is Black?

AFRICANGLOBE - Surviving slavery, segregation and discrimination has forged a special pride in African-Americans. Now some are saying this hard-earned pride has become prejudice in the form of blind loyalty toPresident Barack Obama.

Why Obama Must Go on the Attack Tomorrow

On Tuesday, October 16, already jittery Obama supporters will be tethered to their television watching with anxiousness every move that Obama makes to counter...