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The White Surge

Surge? What’s all this talk about a surge? Sure, President Obama appeared comatose in the first debate. And yes, Mitt Romney turned in a commanding performance....

Gloves Off: Obama Readies for Next Showdown With Romney

Less than a week before the second presidential debate, President Barack Obama pulled no punches when talking about his Republican opponent at a campaign...

Why Blacks Voters Reject Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's strong debate performance and his apology for his callous remarks deriding 47% of the American public appear to be moving his poll...

Mitt Romney Surges Past President Obama in New Polls

Monday’s varied range of new polls proved one thing about the presidential election between incumbent Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney: It’s going to be a...

The US Elections and the Unemployed

The controversy that has broken out over the US Labor Department’s report Friday on jobs and unemployment only testifies to the unbridgeable gulf between...

Obama, Romney Reject Invitation to Address Black Issues

President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney have rejected an invitation from the NAACP and other Black groups, to participate in a...

Battle for American Presidency Remains Close in New Poll

Two days before the first presidential debate, a new national survey indicates a very close contest between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt...

Why Mitt Romney Is Losing Ground Fast

As presidential pretender Mitt Romney’s campaign continues to falter and flounder many are pointing to his lack of policy specificity as the main cause...

President Obama Can Still Count on Black Voters

AFRICANGLOBE - A large majority of Black Americans who head to the polls in November will vote for President Obama, but the question is whether they will turn out in the numbers he needs given the election lacks the symbolism of the 2008 contest.

Ann Coulter: ‘Civil Rights are for Blacks,’ Not Immigrants

At a round table discussion on "This Week with George Stephanapoulos," Ann Coulter, conservative commentator, made the provocative but true claim, "Democrats are dropping the Blacks...

Mitt Romney’s Election Strategy: Vote Out The Black Guy

Mitt Romney is running perhaps the worst presidential election campaign in recent U.S. history. Romney has no principles. He has no program or agenda for...

Republicans Worried About Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Republicans could use a bit of advice from an unlikely source right now: Obama adviser David Plouffe, who in 2010 told Democrats worried about...

Leaked Obama Audiotape Surfaces

AFRICANGLOBE - It turns out Mitt Romney isn’t the only presidential candidate to have a video leak this week. Fresh on the heels of Romney’s leaked...

Romney: Half of America Don’t Take Personal Responsibility for Their Lives

In a potentially explosive incident that may do long-lasting damage to his campaign, Republican candidate Mitt Romney made private remarks to an audience of...

Romney Campaign Changes Strategies Amids Criticism

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney began a new ad campaign on Monday designed to rescue his flailing campaign by offering more specifics on the...

President Obama Grows Leads in Top Three Swing States

President Obama's bump has made its way into three key swing states, according to new polling from Marist College, NBC News and the Wall...