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The Top 10 Richest Black People In The World 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 2013 the number of Black billionaires has increased by two, according to Forbes’ billionaire list. So how did these Black people become so wealthy? This certainly just didn’t happen overnight. Let’s take a look at the World’s Richest Black People as of 2015:

The Future Belongs To Africa

Today, Africa finds itself at an important crossroads. Over the past five decades, many positive developments have taken place. Overall, human development is improving, conflict has declined and sustained economic growth presents genuine opportunities for improving peoples' livelihoods in the longer term.

Africa’s Best Countries In 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Is Africa a rising giant – or falling into crisis? Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim has a simple answer to that question:

Mo Ibrahim: Now Is The Time For Afro-Realism

Sudanese-born Mo Ibrahim is founder and chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation which he established in 2006 to support good governance and exceptional leadership on the African continent.

How Africa’s Wealthiest Made Their Money

AFRICANGLOBE - “Don’t come to Africa and help, come and make money,” said Mo Ibrahim, Africa’s pioneer telecoms billionaire. As its economic promise continues to take shape, so Africa is churning out millionaire businessman after multi-million dollar business.

United States Disengaging From Africa – Mo Ibrahim

AFRICANGLOBE - Although Africa is moving forward, the United States is pulling back, says Mo Ibrahim, the billionaire entrepreneur and father of Africa's mobile phone revolution.

41 Percent of World’s Youth Will Be African – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent report by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has concluded that in the next three generations, 41% of the world's youth will be African. The report by the Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim's foundation says because Africa is the only continent with a significantly growing youth population

Africa Rising! At Least Its 1 Percent Is

Africa's economy may be booming, but this will do little to help unemployment and poverty if growth is jobless and its spoils are limited...

Africa’s Pioneer Telecoms Mogul: Mo Ibrahim

Several years ago, Mo Ibrahim, the unassuming Sudanese-born engineer and Telecoms tycoon introduced Africans to the world of mobile communications. He is now investing...

Investors Report Improved Business Climate in 29 African Countries

Sudanese-born billionaire entrepreneur, Mo Ibrahim once said that the perception of Africa's business climate is much worse than the reality and that whenever there is a gap between perception and reality, there is a fantastic business opportunity.