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Meet The South African Nuclear Physicist, Who Invented A Mobile Charging...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shalton Mothwa’s AEON Power Bag is a laptop bag that will be able to charge mobile devices using WiFi and telecommunication signals. He says, “it’s about convenience and freedom. You’ll be able to do your thing on mobile devices without having to power your stuff.”

Four Innovative Startups To Watch That Will Change Africa’s Future

With a 150 million-strong population, a rapidly growing economy, and a vibrant, diversified workforce, you can't help but feel East Africans are on the verge of a major take-off. What many consider challenges and setbacks have become opportunities for innovative (and often young) entrepreneurs to create solutions.

How Mobile Money Is Saving Africa $2bn Annually

AFRICANGLOBE - Africans in the diaspora have recognised the importance of the money they send home to their families are. With mobile money proving to be a more effective means of transferring funds home, they are increasingly adopting the service.

Information Technology: Africa’s New Holy Grail

AFRICANGLOBE - Up until now, the focus has largely been on seeing how the price of mobile phones can come down to open access to different content and services to wider numbers of people. But the new Holy Grail is finding a cheap household or "on-the-go" device that can

Africa: Using Mobile Apps to Spur Social Change

AFRICANGLOBE - Want to report a problem to an elected official in your community? There is a mobile application, or "app," for that. Want to bring attention to a pothole that needs fixing? There's an app for that too. With the explosion of mobile phones in Africa, Africans are catching the app fever.

RLG to Build $100m Technology Centre In Ghana

AFRICANGLOBE - With plans to expand to six other West Africa countries and three Southern African countries by first half of 2013; Africa’s leading...

Africa Becomes World’s Second Largest Mobile Phone Market

AFRICANGLOBE - After moving from an accounted sales of 90 million mobile phones in 2005 to an estimated 450 million in 2012, Africa has...

Is Africa’s Digital Revolution Under Threat?

Back in the 1990s, before everyone had two mobile phones and Skype was still a distant dream, if you were an African living elsewhere,...

Desire for Social Networking Spurs Mobile Growth in Africa

Africa's thirst for social networking seems insatiable and homegrown products to meet this thirst, like MXit and 2go, have really gotten traction. It's a mixture...

Mobile Technology Boom in Africa Could Boost E-Learning

A study of young people in Ghana, Uganda and Maharashtra aims to encourage networks to improve education through mobile technology. Globalisation, as defined by the...