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How Powerful Is Egypt?

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt has a large population and strong military, but its government is unstable. So, we wanted to know, how powerful is Egypt?

Ethiopian and Egyptian Leaders Meet Over Nile Dispute

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian and Egyptian leaders have met for the first time to discuss tensions over Ethiopia's construction of a huge hydropower dam on the river Nile but the meeting ended without any agreement, sources said.

50 Years of Displacement of the Nubians in Egypt

AFRICANGOBE - For the past 50 years, Nubians have been calling for the right to return to their land. In the early sixties, priority was given to Egypt's wars and regional autonomy. With time, displaced people in Suez and Sinai returned to their homelands, but Nubians remained displaced, despite government promises.

Can Egypt’s Military Trump the Ballot Box?

AFRICANGLOBE - The street politics in Egypt, which led to the overthrow of a legitimate leader through a popular uprising supported by the military, have redefined the term “coup” in the politico-legal lexicon.

Morsi Supporters Getting Ready For Conflict

AFRICANGLOBE - Standing by a brick and sandbag barricade on the edge of a Muslim Brotherhood protest camp in Cairo, chief guard Mohamed Saqr is preparing to resist a threatened attempt by security forces to storm in.

Two Years, Two Revolutions: What is Really Going On in Egypt?

AFRICANGLOBE - For the people of Egypt, 2011 was a year of transition and a symbolic new beginning. The international community watched as months of violent protests in the streets of Cairo cracked the foundation of then-president, Hosni Mubarak’s 30 years of power.

Massacre in Cairo Deepens Egypt Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - A deadly shooting at the site of a sit-in by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo, demanding the reinstatement of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, has left dozens of people dead. The Egyptian health ministry said at least 51 people had been killed and more than 300 injured

Fears of Bloodshed Loom Large in Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - An ultimatum given by Egypt's military to end a political deadlock has raised the risk of bloodshed spiralling out of control in the troubled country, with supporters and opponents of beleaguered President Mohamed Morsi flooding the streets. As time ticks down to Wednesday's military deadline for Morsi to resolve the impasse, the outbreak of further deadly violence now looms large.

Thousands of Egyptians Rally Against Morsi in Cairo

AFRICANGLOBE - Tensions boiled over into minor scuffles when some anti-Morsi protesters started shouting pro-army slogans. Thousands of protesters converged on Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday to join a planned rally in solidarity with the recently-launched "Rebel" campaign

Dozens Injured as Clashes Erupt In Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptian protesters have clashed with supporters of President Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, and ransacked three offices nationwide including the group's headquarters in Cairo, leaving at least 90 people injured.

North Africa’s Peacemakers Silenced as Violence Spreads

AFRICANGLOBE - On 5 February, Chokri Belaïd, a Tunisian opposition leader, trade unionist and lawyer, warned that a rising tide of political violence was engulfing Tunisia and proposed a national congress to promote peace. The next day, masked gunmen shot him four times.

Islamist Constitution ‘A Defeat for the Egyptian People’

AFRICANGLOBE - A majority of Egyptians backed a controversial charter in a two-round referendum, that deeply polarised the country and riled a secular-leaning opposition, ruling Islamists and official media said on Sunday. The Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails, and the official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that about 64 percent of votes cast were in favour of the new charter

Why is the Obama Administration Sending Egypt 20 F-16 Fighter Jets?

AFRICANGLOBE - Key lawmakers in the US are expressing concerns about the Obama administration's plan to send Egypt 20 F-16 fighter jets, even though...

Will the Egyptian Army Defy Islamist Mohamed Morsi?

AFRICANGLOBE  - The Egyptian army will likely not respond to requests from the country's newly elected president for protection against protesters angered by his...

Egyptian Protesters Pour Into Tahrir Square to Protest Against Islamist Decrees

Tens of thousands of Egyptian protesters gathered in the capital and other major cities across the nation Tuesday demanding that Islamist President Mohamed Morsi...

Wannabe Islamist Pharaoh Plunges Egypt Into Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - Violence broke out across Egypt as protesters reacted to the power grab by Mohamed Morsi. His party's offices were torched, while his...