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Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Declared Egypt’s Next Dictator

AFRICANGLOBE - Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has won Egypt's presidential elections by a huge majority, the country's election commission has said. The former military chief, who last July overthrew Egypt's first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi, won 96.91 of legal votes cast in last week's election.

Water War: Egypt, Ethiopia and the Diplomatic Dam Busters

AFRICANGLOBE - As rhetorical battles raged last month, with analysts providing doomsday forecasts of an imminent water war, it was hightime someone poured a few gallons of realism on the Egypt-Ethiopia River Nile affair.

Egypt On the Brink of Collapse

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the ousting of President Morsi, Egypt has been in a state of chaos. The Muslim Brotherhood rejects the newly appointed head of the interim government and plans for new elections.

Egypt’s Army Ready to Seize Power As Massive Protests Planned

AFRICANGLOBE - A threat by Egypt's army to seize power if politicians fail to quell unrest caused by religious tensions has frightened both the government and opposition supporters.

Mohammed Morsi Appoints Alleged Terrorist As Governor of Luxor

AFRICANGLOBE - Tourist workers and others are furious over the appointment of al Khayet by Mohammed Mursi, who hails from Gamaa Islamiya, the group accused of carrying out the grisly massacre in Luxor in 1997 of four Egyptians and 58 foreign tourists - including a five-year-old boy.

Egyptian Politicians, President Caught On Live TV Plotting Attack On Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - For the past few weeks Egyptian society and media have been hysterical over Ethiopia’s construction of its Renaissance Dam. The public was suddenly bombarded with the notion that Ethiopia will turn off the water faucet on Egypt

Tension in Egypt: Opposition Leaders Put Under Investigation for ‘Coup D’état’

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt was facing renewed political tensions on Thursday after three leading opposition figures, including a former head of the UN's nuclear watchdog, were placed under investigation for allegedly plotting to topple Mohammed Morsi, the Islamist president.

Egypt Now an Islamic State, Islamist Constitution Approved

AFRICANGLOBE - About 33 percent of all eligible voters cast their vote in Egypt's constitution referendum, head of the commission overseeing the referendum Judge Samir Abul Maati said on Tuesday.

Egyptians Gather to March On Presidential Palace as Crisis Spreads

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of Egyptians massed in Cairo Tuesday for a march to the presidential palace to protest the assumption by the nation’s Islamist...

Egyptian Judges to Boycott Referendum on Islamist-Backed Constitution

AFRICANGLOBE - An influential group of Egyptian judges says it will not oversee a December 15 referendum on a new constitution, a move that...

Both Sides Claiming Victory in Egyptian Election

A campaign spokesman for the former Egyptian prime minister says Ahmed Shafik has won the Egyptian presidential election, countering the Muslim Brotherhood's claims that...