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Mursi to Make His Move as Massive Protests Loom

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mohamed Mursi will speak to the Egyptian people in a televised address that could determine his political survival as millions prepare to rally to demand his removal this weekend.

Wikileaks – Egypt Plotting to Attack Ethiopian Dam

Egyptian authorities fearful of losing their monopoly on Nile waters, received an agreement from Khartoum to build an airbase in Sudan, to launch attacks...

Is Egypt African?

AFRICANGLOBE - Whereas the new regime of President Mursi says it is inclusive, it is troubling that the draft Egyptian constitution says in its first article that Egypt is 'Islamic' and 'Arab' and is 'related' to Africa. An Egyptian TV anchor says: "The elected Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi is attending the African Union's 19th Presidents Summit". What are the connotations of this piece of news in the present Egyptian context?

Mursi, First Egyptian President to Visit Ethiopia After 17yrs

Egypt's new Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammad Mursi will attend this weekend's African Union (AU) Commission summit in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Mursi's attendance at the AU summit will be the...

Ex-MP Warns Muslim Brotherhood Usurping Army

Former member of Egypt's dissolved parliament, Mohamed Abu Hamed, warned of what he described as "Muslim Brotherhood penetration in the military institution" and usurping...

Egypt’s New Islamist President Moves into Mubarak’s Office

Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has started consultations to form a government after he was declared the winner of the June 16-17 presidential...

Islamists Mohammed Mursi Wins Egypt Presidency

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi has been declared the winner of Egypt's presidential election run-off. He won 51.73% of the vote, beating former PM Ahmed...

Tension Rises as Egypt Awaits Presidential Election Results

Egypt's election authority is preparing to announce the result of last weekend's presidential run-off vote. The panel of judges has begun announcing its decisions on...