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Dubai Banks Order Closure Of Nigerians’ Accounts

AFRICANGLOBE - A diplomatic row seems imminent between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Nigeria, following a directive by the country's central bank prohibiting Nigerians who do not work there from operating accounts in any branch of their local or foreign banks.

How Tanzania Loses $1.87 Billion Annually

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania loses about $1.87 billion in tax revenue every year through cheating by dishonest companies in import and export transactions, a new study reveals. Tanzania, according to the study, loses the most among five countries surveyed last year. The survey also involved Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Mozambique.

Africa Loses Billions in Illicit Money Laundering

AFRICANGLOBE - Former South African President Thabo Mbeki says Africa is losing billions in development funding each year due to illicit capital outflows and money laundering.

Witch-Hunt: Julius Malema Charged With Money Laundering

A South African court has charged Julius Malema with money laundering, the former ANC youth leader scoffed at the accusations as he spoke to...