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7 Weird Things Money Does To Your Brain

AFRICANGLOBE - Money is packed with meaning, and it impacts our personalities, our relationships, and how we think. As you might imagine, a lot of stuff is going on in our brains when we think about money, and some of it is surprising. Researchers in the emerging field of neuroeconomics are drawing on psychology, neuroscience, and economics to give us picture of the human brain on money. Let’s take a look.

Latinos Seek To Leverage Growing Poltical Muscle

AFRICANGLOBE - They flexed their muscle at the ballot box last month, but it’s been the rise of their ability to raise large sums...

Julius Malema Accuse Zuma Govt Of Targeting The Poor

AFRICANGLOBE - The government was targeting poor people because they did not have the money to defend themselves, former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema told a group of people on Friday in Lenasia, where houses were demolished. “They target those who don't have money,” Malema said.

The Problem With Charities

AFRICANGLOBE -After donating money to Kony 2012, Haiti and various charities, I was sure that a large percentage of the money I donated would go to the people in need. But the more I read about how the donation money was spent, the less desire I have to financially contribute to any charity. I am beginning to feel that my money is just being wasted, and why should I give my money to someone if I feel that they are just going to waste it?

Arab Terrorists Using Rape, Drug Money to Control Northern Mali

Arab terrorists who seized northern Mali earlier this year are maintaining their control through fear and drug money, imposing an extremist version of Muslim...

Desperate for Money: George Zimmerman Suing NBC

George Zimmerman, the man accused of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is attacking media giant NBC for its edit of his 911 calls. Back in April, the "Today"...

Africa is No Longer a Place to Pity — It is...

British Prime Minister David Cameron has restated his promise of keeping up Britain’s foreign aid bill. In the next year a whopping £12billion, 0.7 per...

South African Miners Turn to Julius Malema

Having been failed by the unions, the platinum company they worked for, and Jacob Zuma's government, the furious residents of the small squatter camp...

Western Nations Fuel Corruption in Nigeria

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria Mr. Femi Falana has lashed out at governments of the United States of America and other...

Profiting From Tragedy: George Zimmerman’s Parents Launch Website to Solicit...

Just a week after their Son launched a new website seeking donations to help with his legal fees, George Zimmerman's parents, Robert and Gladys...

Desperate for Money George Zimmerman Breaks From Lawyers, Posts Own Video

Desperate for money and unsatisfied with his legal defense, George Zimmerman has tried to take matters into his own hands, launching his own website,...

How Kenya Became a World Leader in Mobile Money Technology

What if anyone owning a cell-phone, whether rich or poor, also had access to financial services with the ability to save and send money...

Houston Pastor, Wife Jailed for Gambling Away Church’s Money

A Houston pastor and his wife are in jail charged with bilking their former congregation out of more than $400,000 and using that money...

What Has the Black Community Done for the Black Community?

After seeing what happened in Wisconsin’s recall election, it is apparent to me as well as anyone else who was paying attention, that Money...

$50 Billion Stolen From Africa Each Year

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, says an estimated 50 billion dollars is smuggled from Africa illegally every year. Mbeki made the statement in Johannesburg...

Chinese Underage Sex Scandal Sparks Anger in Zambia

 Zhang Daliu, 46, a carpenter from China never imagined himself in the dreadful confines of an overcrowded Zambian jail where conditions are so terrible that they lead to gastronomic disorders and skin diseases within days of confinement. But that is how the dice has fallen for Zhang and three other expatriate Chinese artisans: Hong Pin Liu, 46, a carpenter; Yang Gang Qiang, 36, a welder; and Zhu Xiang, 51, a bricklayer.