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Africa’s Most Hidden Gem

AFRICANGLOBE - Viewed from a hilltop, southwest Uganda spreads out in an emerald patchwork of terraced agriculture and primeval forest. To the north and south, in the Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks, about half the global population of mountain gorillas (792 at last count) call those forests home.

Rwanda: Tourism Revenue up 17%

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda’s tourism sector registered tremendous growth as the revenue generated increased by 17% last year compared to 2011.The U.S. recorded the highest number of visitors, with 24,041, followed, by India (14,957), UK (13,355), Belgium (9,192) and Germany (9,180).

Kinigi and Its Unique Attractions

Renowned for being the route to the home of approximately half of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas, Kinigi town, located right at the foot...