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Dozens Dead in Clash With Libyan Militia in Tripoli

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes broke out in Libya’s capital today as soldiers and government-affiliated militias attempt to regain control of a base occupied by gunmen after a deadly militia attack on protesters yesterday.

Heavy Fighting Breaks Out In Libyan Capital As Rival Militia’s Battle

AFRICANGLOBE - Rival militiamen battled each other for hours with anti-aircraft guns and grenades across Tripoli on Thursday, killing at least one person and wounding 12 in the worst fighting for months in the Libyan capital, medical sources said.

Libya’s Worker Strikes Halt Oil Production At Terminals

AFRICANGLOBE - Labour strike action at Libya’s main oil facilities could trigger the country’s first disaster since the uprising which deposed ex-dictator Muammar Gaddafi two years ago.

‘Libya Has Turned Into a Threat’ – Niger

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya, considered an El Dorado for jobs and money when Muammar Gaddafi was its “Guide”, has become a terrorist threat in the eyes of people in northern Niger after two suicide bombings that killed tens and injured dozens.

BP Withdraws Libya Staff Over Security Concerns

AFRICANGLOBE - Oil giant BP said yesterday it had pulled some non-essential overseas staff out of Libya because of concerns about the political situation, following the lead of the US and British embassies.

Libya: Deadly Car Bomb Near Benghazi Hospital

AFRICANGLOBE - A car bomb explosion near a hospital in the Libyan city of Benghazi has killed several people, officials say. Defence ministry official in Benghazi Saleh al-Bargathi said nine people died, including two children. However, other sources spoke of three deaths.

Libya’s NATO Backed Revolution is Destabilizing Neighbouring African Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - Though oil and business have started to flow again, the Libyan revolution has left unfinished business in the region. But analysis of Libya's revolution and its aftermath is just as pertinent in the sparsely populated south, where terrorist gangs and discontented communities are vying for influence and scarce resources.

Libya: Stop Revenge Crimes Against Black Libyans

AFRICANGLOBE - The Libyan government should take urgent steps to stop serious and ongoing human rights violations against inhabitants of the town of Tawergha, who are widely viewed as having supported Muammar Gaddafi. The forced displacement of roughly 40,000 people, arbitrary detentions, torture, and killings are widespread, systematic, and sufficiently organized to be crimes against humanity and should be condemned by the United Nations Security Council.

Chadian Migrants Detail Torture, Abuse of Africans in Libyan Detention

AFRICANGLOBE - In the violence immediately before and after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in October 2011, thousands of African migrants were forced to flee Libya. Since then, however, the authorities have arbitrarily detained in harsh conditions, and subsequently deported, thousands more, according to former Chadian migrant workers.

Under Gaddafi’s Tent – The Presidents Who Were Paid By Gaddafi

AFRICANGLOBE - Muammar Gaddafi had no respect for diplomacy and once asked Ali Abdessalam Triki- who served as Foreign Affairs, African Affairs minister, Ambassador in Paris and Permanent Representative to the United Nations- to deliver a message to King Hassan II, insisting that he tells the king that "he is a reactionary and a collaborator".

Under Gaddafi’s Tent: Sex, Ephebes, Concubines and Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - A senior Muammar Ghaddafi top aide has for the first time revealed gory details of sex,murders and racism in the Brother Leader's secret world. He [Gaddafi] was temperamental. Sometimes he would wake up and say: "Bring me that negro", in reference to an African head of state. And after the interview: "The negro is gone. Give him something.

Under Gaddafi’s Tent, the Secrets of His Reign – the Book

AFRICANGLOBE - Muammar Gaddafi was a megalomaniac who was consumed by his own self-importance. Although quite a minor player on the international scene, he deemed it fit to ridicule the United Nations Charter to the rostrum of the General Assembly.

Libyan Militia ‘Executed 67 Detainees’

Libyan Militia forces from the city of Misrata executed dozens of detainees following the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi a year ago this week, according to a...

French Spy Killed Muammar Gaddafi On Sarkozy’s Orders, Papers Claim

French secret services organised the capture of former Libyan ruler Muammer Gaddafi and may have killed him on then-president Nicolas Sarkozy's orders, British and...

African Standby Force: More Problems Than Solutions

The African Standby Force is a beautiful concept. The crack troops were meant to be the silver bullet for Africa's security problems, a rapid-response...

More Than 100 Killed in Western Libya Fighting

More than 100 people were killed and 500 injured in a week of clashes in western Libya, a government spokesman said, the latest bout...