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The Greatest – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - People only like the easy and the good things about great men and women but the truth of the matter is many great people were whipped and beaten, many great people were jailed and incarcerated, many great people were hated and criticized at some time in their lives and careers but they continued to do what they had to do to become great! Ali, Prince and many other greats left us in 2016 but there are still greats among us because we all have greatness in us.

For Years The FBI Was Secretly Spying On Muhammad Ali

AFRICANGLOBE - The FBI kept tabs on the late boxer Muhammad Ali in 1966, including his divorce and his speech at a Miami mosque, allegedly in its investigation of the religious group Nation of Islam, according to documents released by the agency. The FBI has been criticized for monitoring public figures, including civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.. The latest batch of about 140 pages of FBI documents from 1966 on Ali, which includes previously classified material, were released following a lawsuit to obtain the papers brought in August by conservative group Judicial Watch.

Muhammad Ali, The People’s Champion

AFRICANGLOBE - Ali’s greatest victories came outside the boxing ring. He was the greatest of all time as a boxer and, more important, as a humanitarian. It was his unpopularity with the establishment that made him popular with people. Ali didn’t know it, but wherever he was going, the FBI was spying on him as part of its COINTELPRO campaign. The agency overheard conversations between Ali and Dr. King as part of its wiretapping of King’s phones and hotel rooms.

The Revolution of the Black Athlete

On the eve of the Second World War, Germany, in 1936, hosted the Olympics, giving Adolf Hitler the chance to put on display what...