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African Leaders Must Help The Continent, Not Sell It Off

AFRICANGLOBE - Why are African governments removing their people from their land and leasing it to foreign owned companies? Why are we not standing up against our own governments, who even take water rights away from small African farmers to give them to foreign multinationals.

Doing Business Back Home: Four Returning Africans Share Their Stories

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is still in many ways untapped terrain so, with a little bit of work and dedication, there is tremendous opportunity to do well. The type of wealth you can generate in Africa in my opinion is greater than what you would generate in the US or the UK.

Africa’s High Consumption Rate Attracts Global Firms

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent study has revealed that increasing levels of consumerism have made Africa the main attraction for many multinational companies looking for a good return on investment. The report carried out by Mckinsey Africa Consumer Insights Centre cites a sizeable number of investments targeting household consumer-related products and services over the last decade.