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The Top Five Wealthiest Blacks In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Patrice Motsepe, the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) is often referred to as South Africa’s first Black billionaire and the wealthiest Black man in South Africa. Motsepe has a net worth of $2.5 billion

The ‘Smokescreen’ Of Charity: How The Global Financial Elite Pillage Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - "Notions of aid and charity are in reality aiding politicians and multinational corporations to continue plundering Africa behind a shroud of ‘generosity’." Under the "smokescreen" of giving aid or charity, western governments and multinational corporations are pillaging states in Africa with losses nearing $60 billion each year,

The New Scramble For Africa (Part 1)

AFRICANGLOBE - With the African continent home to the majority of the world’s fastest-growing economies, urban consumer markets and a wealth of natural resources, it’s perhaps not surprising that some of the world’s largest corporations, from Monsanto to Unilever, are rushing to get a slice of the action. The good news is that, as in the struggles for independence, Africans are not taking this corporate colonialism lying down.

What The Rest Of Africa Could Learn From Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - The Doing Business rankings released last year revealed that Rwanda had shot up a whopping 22 places since the previous year, now 32nd.

Illicit Financial Flows Pick Africa’s Pockets

AFRICANGLOBE - Between 2002 and 2012 South Africa lost $100.7 billion (about R1.1 trillion at yesterday’s rate) as a result of illicit financial flows, Masiiwa Rusare of African Monitor told delegates at the Alternative Mining Indaba in Cape Town yesterday.

A Continent Of Contrasts – Wealth In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is home to powerful emerging economies, multinational corporations and one-eighth of the world’s burgeoning population. The global view of the continent is changing as its massive potential becomes apparent. Today, Africa is as easily defined by a more prudent use of our abundant resources – as we are by the sadly widening gap between the poor and the superrich.

Africa Losing Billions Through Corporate Theft

Multinational corporations operating in Africa are involved in illicit transfer of most of the $ 1.5 trillion they make in Africa each year back...