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A Year After Murdering An Innocent Woman, New Video Shows Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - Although the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office initially claimed that the woman was armed and that deputies had ordered her to drop the gun before killing her, the dash cam footage and physical evidence proved that they were lying. A police lieutenant and sergeant were also demoted after tampering with the records of the deputy who pulled the trigger.

Yes, George Zimmerman is in Fact a “Creepy Ass Cr*cker”

AFRICANGLOBE - “Cr*cker” is evocative of the sound of the whip, wielded by a White overseer or slave owner, as it lashes and tears Black flesh. Cr*cker is a word that embodies White on Black racial violence and tyranny. George Zimmerman stalked and followed an innocent person on a rainy night. Strangers with loaded guns following innocent people around in the dark are almost by definition “creepy.

‘If Zimmerman Gets Off, Ima Go Kill a White Boy’: Shocking...

AFRICANGLOBE - As the murder trial of George Zimmerman marches on, those who strongly believe that Zimmerman is guilty of the crime are vowing to carry out disturbing and deadly acts of violence if Zimmerman is not found guilty.

Will Justice Prevail in the Trayvon Martin Case

At the start of George Zimmerman’s murder trial, expect Trayvon Martin to be portrayed as an innocent teenager, an unarmed 17-year-old who was killed on Feb. 26, 2012 in Sanford while walking home in the rain. By the time it concludes, however, Zimmerman’s defense attorneys hope that jurors will have a more menacing view of him.