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The Ethiopian Nun Whose Music Enraptured Israel

From a small, spartan room in the courtyard of the Ethiopian church off a narrow street in Jerusalem, a 90-year-old musical genius is emerging into the spotlight. The Ethiopian nun, whose piano compositions have enthralled those who have stumbled across a handful of recordings in existence, has lived a simple life, rarely venturing beyond the monastery's gates.

United States: No Country for Young Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - I’ll never understand how these token Negroes who surrounded themselves with nothing but White friends and decide to ignore the fact that their skin color does play a role in their future. When I say the token Negro I’m talkin about those who surround themselves with only White friends and act as if racism is a thing of the past due to it being 2012.

Jordan Davis: Death Of Another Unarmed Black Teenager

AFRICANGLOBE - Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is back in the news with the shooting death of another unarmed Black teenager, Jordan Davis. Florida’s controversial...

African Women and Their Hair – An Analysis

AFRICANGLOBE - The other Wednesday night I was sharing a table with South African music icon, Mr. Hugh Masekela, Bra Hugh as everybody in...

Jay-Z Living the American Dream

Jay-Z has accomplished a lot in his career, but his latest feat has him feeling that like he's living the American dream. The 42-year-old music...

From Bob Marley To Marcus Garvey To The Fighting Maroons of...

The uplifting, inspiring, empowering music of Bob Marley is to reggae what the rousing, revolutionary music of Public Enemy is to the pop tunes...

Bad News for the French Language in Africa

"Salaam aleikoum." - "Maleikoum salaam." "Na ga def?" (How are you?) - "Magni fi rekk." (All's well) "Ah! Déega Olof?" (You understand Wolof?) - "Waaw, tuti rekk." (Yes, just...

Magic Johnson, Sean Combs to Launch New TV Networks

Comcast will launch four minority-owned networks on its cable-TV systems in the next two years, including channels spearheaded by NBA great Magic Johnson and...

Whitney Houston Dead at Age 48

Grammy-winning singer and actress Whitney Houston, one of the most talented performers of her generation who lived a turbulent personal life and admitted drug...

Funk Legend Sly Stone Living in a Van in L.A.

Sly Stone, one of the biggest names in music who fronted the mega group Sly and the Family Stone, is living in a van in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles.