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All Panic As Muslim Brotherhood Flexes Its Muscles

AFRICANGLOBE - In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has decided now is a good time to forget all that fluffy talk about unity and reconciliation and start showing who's really the boss. It's hijacking the constitutional assembly, forcing through its own presidential candidate and behaving obnoxiously. This is all within its right, but it's making everyone else very nervous. One almost feels sorry for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Despite the fact that during the long decades of Hosni Mubarak's rule the MB provided the only real opposition, it has very few friends either in Egypt or internationally.

Egyptians Contemplates Fleeing as Islamists are Expected to Take Power

For decades, Egypt's Westernised elite kept the country's growing religosity at arm's length, but a projected Islamist surge in the first post-revolution polls has driven many to think of moving abroad. Sporting the latest fashions and mingling in upmarket country clubs, Egypt's rich fear a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood and hardline Salafis in the first phase of parliamentary elections presages change ahead.