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Germany ‘Still Haunted’ By The Genocide Against Namibians

AFRICANGLOBE - Visiting President of the German Bundesrat Daniel Günther says his country is still haunted by the terror that Germans brought to the people of Namibia at the beginning of the 20th century, especially the crimes committed against the Ovaherero and Nama.

Namibia Is Building The World’s Largest Diamond Mining Ship

AFRICANGLOBE - Five African commercial banks are investing up to $375 million in the construction of a new diamond mining vessel for a subsidiary of Anglo American’s diamond unit De Beers. Nedbank Namibia, RMB Namibia, Standard Bank, ABSA and Bank Windhoek agreed to provide 80% of the funding for the ship, which will be the world’s largest of its type. Debmarine Namibia – a 50-50 joint venture company between De Beers and the government of Namibia, will provide the balance of $94 million.

New York Court Says No To Compensating Namibians For Genocide Committed...

AFRICANGLOBE - A New York federal court has dismissed a lawsuit by the Herero and Nama people seeking compensation from Germany for the genocide of their ancestors in what is now Namibia.

White-Businesses Panic As Namibia Pushes Black Empowerment Bill

AFRICANGLOBE - White-owned businesses in Namibia are pondering over whether to leave the country or stay and take court action to fight a new government indigenisation and economic empowerment bill which, if approved as expected, would require them to sell 25% ownership to “Previously Disadvantaged Peoples (PDPs)”.

Pastor Tricks Woman Into Selling House In Exchange For Prayers

AFRICANGLOBE - The 50-year-old single mother of four has opened up a case of theft against Agustinus Shinima, a false prophet who tricked her into selling her house and donating the proceeds to him. While relating her story, the victim claimed that Shinima told her that her house was possessed by demons and that something bad would happen to her if she did not sell the property off immediately.

Forgotten Genocide: Namibia’s Quest For Reparations

AFRICANGLOBE - On July 8, Norbert Lammert, a heavyweight of Germany's Christian Democrat party, and president of the Bundestag, wrote a column in Die Zeit, stating that Germany perpetrated a "race war" and a "genocide" in Namibia.

Germany Set To Recognize Genocide In Colonial Namibia

AFRICANGLOBE - German authorities are set to officially recognize as "genocide" the colonial-era crackdown in Namibia by German troops more than a century ago in which over 65,000 ethnic Hereros were killed. Talks with Namibia on a joint declaration about the events of the early 20th century are ongoing, and it isn't clear when they will be concluded, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer said Friday.

Is Namibia Heading Towards A Zimbabwe Style Land Reclamation?

AFRICANGLOBE - Namibia could be in for torrid times as a new political movement Affirmative Repositioning escalates its efforts to expropriate productive land currently in the hands of white invaders. The organisation has called for mass expropriation on the 31st of July, 2015. This could be another Zimbabwe unfolding that could see another group of Africans reclaim their stolen land from white settlers.

Horrors Revealed Of German South-West Africa ‘Genocide’

AFRICANGLOBE - The speaker of the German parliament on Wednesday said the slaughter of indigenous Namibians a century ago constituted a "genocide" that stemmed from a "race war". Norbert Lammert, writing in a guest column for news weekly Die Zeit, said the Herero and Nama peoples had been systematically targeted for massacre by German imperial troops.

‘Historical Inhibitions Scuttle Black Business In Namibia’

AFRICANGLOBE - He says that “we should not make the mistake of generalising and expecting that every Black business will fail as there are a few players who have made it, although the relative majority are less influential in the economic sector at the moment.

Will Germany Ever Recognize The Namibian Genocide?

AFRICANGLOBE - German troops committed the first genocide of the 20th century in Namibia which was then known as German South-West Africa. In 1904, the German general Lothar vonThrotha used an uprising against the colonialists as pretext to slaughter around 70,000 Hereros, which amounted to about 80 percent of its population. The troops also wiped out half of the people of the Nama ethnic group. The UN officially called the killings a genocide as early as 1948. But Germany refuses to do so to this day.

Namibia, Where Star-Gazing Travelers Find Africa’s Darkest Place

AFRICANGLOBE - Not many tourist spots boast of being dark and difficult to get to, but the Namib desert is one of a number of remote “Dark Sky Reserves” drawing in stargazers for a celestial safari.

Africa’s Wealthiest Woman Takes Banking Empire To Namibia

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola’s largest commercial bank, which is 42.5% controlled by Africa’s wealthiest woman, Isabel dos Santos, has reportedly been granted a provisional license by the Central Bank of Namibia to launch a local subsidiary which would operate as a banking institution in the country.

Africa’s First Smartphone Brand Selling Well In Namibia

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the newest and most popular outlets for technological gadgets in Windhoek, Gadgets Namibia, yesterday said demand for Africa’s first mobile devices brand, mi-Fone, is increasing at a rapid rate.

Namibia: Africa’s Next Big Oil Frontier?

AFRICANGLOBE - Namibia has until recently been largely overlooked by the oil majors. A spate of farm-in agreements over the last six months suggests that this is changing. International oil companies are keen to secure a stake in the southern African country’s oil boom, should one materialise.

Afro-Germans Call On Germany To Apologize Namibian Genocide

AFRICANGLOBE - On Wednesday (05.03.2014) Berlin's Charite hospital handed over three complete skeletons and 18 skulls to a delegation from Namibia. The remains are more than a hundred years old and date back to the time of repressive German colonial rule.