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Namibia One of the Greatest African Wildlife Recovery Stories

Forty two per cent of Namibia's land is under conservation management. This makes Namibia one of the countries with the largest conservation area. At independence...

Namibia Maintains Its Tourism Brand

The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) continues to explore avenues for marketing Namibia and creating platforms for the tourism trade to network and exchange business...

Namibia Launches ‘Conservation Destination’ Campaign

The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) has launched an online marketing campaign called 'Conservation Destination' to showcase remarkable conservation stories about Namibia, and inspire locals...

Namibia: Concerns Over Uranium Mining

Renewed concern has been expressed regarding uranium mining activities along the coastal areas and its impact on the environment following tests undertaken by the...

Namibia Struggles For Unity to the Delight of Its Enemies

Namibia has tried to promote national unity and contain the scourge of tribalism, but it hasn't quite succeeded. Top positions in government and in...

Namibia to Diversify Tourism Markets

The Namibia Tourism Board as well as tourism operators in the private sector should not only promote leisure travelling and wildlife but the country's...

The Rape And Murder Of Namibian Woman By Germans During The...

AFRICANGLOBE - One hundred years ago, the Herero people of Namibia were nearly exterminated by German colonial soldiers in what has become known as the first genocide of the 20th century.

Namibia: Foreign Investment Not a Substitute for Domestic Business

Foreign investment can facilitate and accelerate growth, but it cannot be a substitute for domestic business, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in creating employment.

Namibia Gives Hero’s Welcome To Ancestral Remains From Germany

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of Namibia's ethnic Hereros and Namas gave an heroic welcome Tuesday to 20 skulls of their ancestors returned from Germany, where colonial authorities had taken them a century ago

Namibia to Collect the Remains of its Citizens Murdered During the...

The remains of men, women and children Murdered by the Second Reich and sent to germany for racial experiments will be finally sent back to their ancesteral home.

West African Cable to Boost Namibia's Telecoms

Telecom Namibia's chief executive officer Frans Ndoroma says the 5th ICT summit which opened in the capital yesterday has an important role to play in identifying best practices for a robust ICT sector in Namibia and other SADC countries that will benefit from the West Africa Cable System that landed on the Namibian coast earlier this year.

Namibia Shows the Way in Community Based Tourism

Namibia has a good model to follow, as communities are the key in benefiting from the country's natural resources. We (Botswana) want to see the money go to the benefit of the communities

Botswana Wants to Learn From Namibia’s Experience

Botswana's community-based natural resources programme (CBNRM) is more government-driven and currently, the rural communities living adjacent to parks and other tourists attractions are not benefiting from income generated through tourism activities, said Onkokame Mokaila, that country's Minister of Environment