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Mobile Banking a Game-Changer for Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - On 1 January 2013, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) issued a long-awaited directive that allows transaction-based mobile banking for the country's unbanked citizens.

China Grants U.S.$1.4 Billion Railway Loan to Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian officials have succeeded in winding up a deal with their counterparts in China that involves a 1.4 billion dollars in loans,...

Ethiopia: A Single Digit Inflation by All Means

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia has recorded an impressive drop in its inflation rate from 19 percent in September to 15.8 per cent in October, after...

Ethiopia Charts a Chinese Course

The death of Ethiopia's leader of 21 years has raised fears of instability in one of Africa's fastest-growing non-oil producing nations, which could potentially...