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Sudan To Hold Poll In Region Falsely Claimed By Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - A senior Sudanese ruling party official said Wednesday that the government planned to hold April general elections in a region in the country's northeast also claimed by Egypt – but only in the part of the region controlled by Sudan.

War Criminal Omar Al-Bashir To Seek Re-Election In 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese President and fugitive war criminal Omar al-Bashir - in power since a 1989 coup - will stand for re-election in April 2015 after being retained as the leader of Sudan's ruling party, an adviser has said.

Sudan: Divisions Within Ruling Party Over Bashir’s Candidacy For President

AFRICANGLOBE - Former presidential aide Nafie Ali Nafie confessed the existence of hidden struggle within the National Congress Party (NCP) over the candidature of president Omer al-Bashir for 2015 election.

Sudan’s Ruling Party Expels Leading Reformers

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudan's ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has expelled three leading reformers, in the party's most serious split in years, as President Omar al-Bashir hinted at an imminent and wide-ranging government shakeup.

Sudan Admits Army Facing Headwinds in Its War Against Rebels

AFRICANGLOBE - The Sudan Revolutionary Front has its eye set on the capital Khartoum as part of a new plan that is based on part on coordination with political opposition groups, a senior Sudanese official said today.

Rebels Killed Over 50 Sudanese Soldiers in South Kordofan

A rebel group on Thursday said it killed more than 50 Sudanese soldiers during battles in Sudan's South Kordofan State which has been witnessing...

Ethnic Cleansing in the Nuba Mountains

The world cannot afford to ignore ongoing ethnic cleansing in Sudan's Nuba Mountains. Almost exactly one year ago, the latest bloody chapter in Nuba's tragic...

Sudan Braces for 30% Reduction in Govt Size as Austerity Bites

The governing National Congress Party (NCP) in Sudan has decided to relinquish "30 percent" of its representation in both executive and legislative authorities nationwide...

Businessmen Warns of ‘Catastrophe’ Ahead for Sudan’s Economy

The Union of Sudanese Businessmen (USB) has urged the authorities to seek out alternative austerity measures as opposed to their "catastrophic" intention of lifting...

Sudan Govt Rejects Security Council Resolution – Refuse to Negotiate

The leadership council of Sudan's ruling National Congress Party (NCP) chaired by president Omer Hassan al-Bashir announced late Wednesday that it does not agree...

Opposition Parties Call on Bashir to Stop Waging War and Resign

Sudan's political opposition alliance has rejected the declaration made by accused war criminal Omer Hassan Al-Bashir on Saturday, to mobilise for war and deploy...

South Sudan Asserts its Sovereignty Over its Economic Future

Few outside the Juba government had expected it to start shutting down oil production on 22 January. Warnings from the Government of South Sudan...