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Black-White Sex Acts – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - I feel sorry for the young man that many people suggest might very well be the number one pick in the 2015 National Football League Draft. Selectively biased white reporters and others, including some African American journalists, choose every opportunity they can to accuse the man, Jameis Winston, of raping a white woman.

The Ray Rice Saga: Blame The Elevators

AFRICANGLOBE - No one suggests Solange Knowles should lose her recording contracts because she kicked Jay-Z in an elevator. I want women to have equal rights, equally good or equally bad! If the treatment is right that the football player got, the same treatment should be applicable when women attack and assault men.

Football Star Cleared of Rape Might be Headed to the NFL

A former high school football star, whose rape conviction was thrown out last week, has been asked to tryout for an National Football League...

If Sandra Fluke Was Black, Would Rush Limbaugh Have Apologized

Someone should shoot a memo to members of the white feminist movement: Black folks have warned people about Rush Limbaugh for years. What's Rush The...