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Urban Uprisings – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - America’s so called Black community leaders can’t draw flies to an outhouse but every time a young Black man gets beaten, chocked, shot or gets his back broken, hand-picked Negro leaders rush to call for peace.

Black Residents In Baltimore Aim Anger At Weak “Black Leaders”

AFRICANGLOBE - “Why should I feel different that a Black woman is mayor and a Black man is chief when they’re not doing anything?” In Baltimore, a preponderance of the city’s leadership and population is Black. But that has come as little comfort to African Americans who long ago surrendered any confidence in the police department.

National Guard Referred To Ferguson Protesters As “Enemy Forces”

AFRICANGLOBE - Internal documents circulated among National Guard commanders referred to peaceful protestors as “enemy forces” during the military/police crackdown against demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri in August.

Ferguson Ruling: White Supremacy Is Alive And Well

AFRICANGLOBE - The natural order, for Gov. Nixon, is one in which police violence will continue to be seen as “stopping criminals,” and preserving “freedom” for the Whites of Ferguson.

White Supremacy Fights Back: National Guard Ordered To Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - The governor of Missouri ordered the National Guard to Ferguson, St. Louis on Monday to restore "peace and order" after another night of peaceful protests in which police blasted tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters.

Bring In National Guard to Stop Violence – Hanore

AFRICANGLOBE - Russel L. Honore, the tough-talking lieutenant general who shot to fame when he swept into New Orleans as a dominating presence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, offered some advice to Chicago to tame the violence plaguing the city and its young people: Bring in the National Guard.