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NRA Blames Charleston Shooting Victims For Their Own Deaths

AFRICANGLOBE - The NRA, the largest and most powerful gun advocacy group in the world, typically mutes itself after mass shootings, and demands that others follow suit out of respect for the dead. Board member Charles Cotton, however, strayed from the script late on Thursday, when he posted a comment online blaming the pastor killed in the South Carolina shooting, Clementa Pinckney, for the death of his eight congregants.

NRA Praises White Vigilante Patrols That Shot Blacks After Katrina

AFRICANGLOBE - "My uncle was very excited that it was a free-for-all--White against Black--that he could participate in," says the woman. "For him, the opportunity to hunt Black people was a joy." Cam Edwards, host of the National Rifle Association's news show, claimed that after Hurricane Katrina residents of the New Orleans neighborhood Algiers "were looking out for each other by walking the streets armed with firearms." But according to a federal hate crimes indictment and numerous media reports, after Katrina White gun-toting vigilantes in Algiers targeted African-Americans with racially motivated violence.

The NRA and the Gun Connection in Jamaica

AFRICANGLOBE - Following on the recent brutal slaying of 20 first-graders with an assault rifle in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama has called for 'action' on some level of gun control while those in the National Rifle Association (NRA) have increased their proactivity in defence of 'Second Amendment rights.'

NRA Was Inspired by Black Panthers

AFRICANGLOBE - Was the National Rifle Association inspired by the Black Panthers? Yes, according to Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at UCLA School of Law and author of "Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America."

Why the NRA Wants the Trayvon Martin Case to Go Away

When the National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre finally spoke out about the Trayvon Martin shooting, it was to decry the media's coverage of the tragedy as...