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Black Youths Being Devastated By Unemployment

AFRICANGLOBE - For young people between the ages of 16 and 24, unemployment is more than twice the national rate, at 14.2 percent. For African-Americans, that rate jumps to 21.4 percent.

Black Unemployment Drops to 12.6 Percent, Lowest in a Year

AFRICANGLOBE - While U.S. employers added 162,000 jobs in July, the lowest number since March, it still led to a drop in the overall unemployment rate to a four-year low of 7.4 percent—and a decline in black unemployment from 13.7 to 12.6 percent, a low for the year.

Black Unemployment Rate Rose in June to 13.7 Percent

AFRICANGLOBE - The African-American unemployment rate rose from 13.5 percent in May to 13.7 percent in June, according to figures released by the U.S. Labor Department. The national unemployment rate held steady at 7.6 percent.

It’s the Consumer, Stupid, Who Will Lead Us Out of This...

AFRICANGLOBE - This economy is poised for another difficult period of economic upheaval. Blacks are finding themselves facing difficult headwinds as our unemployment rates turn upward. While the national unemployment rate for Blacks in February remained at 13.8% overall, there are ominous state unemployment rates lurking behind the national numbers that should bother us.

Black Unemployment On the Rise Again

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for African Americans rose in May to 13.6 percent from 13.0 percent in April, the Labor Department said on Friday....

Is The Black Unemployment Rate Already 20 Percent?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of August 2011 the national unemployment rate is 9.1%. When you add those who are employed part time for economic reasons, others marginally attached to the labor force and those who have stopped looking for work, that rate jumps to 16.2%.