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The Beginning Of The End For The ANC?

AFRICANGLOBE - The African National Congress is facing political turmoil as cracks appear in the ‘tripartite alliance’ between the ANC, the unions and the Communist Party. The expulsion of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa from the Congress of South African Trade Unions, as well as an embarrassing incident in Parliament, have increased the pressure on President Jacob Zuma, writes Tom Nevin.

Malema Seeks Union Alliance To Combat ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - The Economic Freedom Fighters, South Africa’s second-largest opposition party, is seeking to join forces with the nation’s biggest labor union to take on the ruling African National Congress in next year’s municipal vote.

South Africa Braces For Major Workers’ Strike

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's largest union has called for more than 200,000 engineering and metals workers to lay down tools for higher wages from July 1, just days after the mining sector ended a five-month strike.

South Africa ‘Will Pay Heavy Price’ For Automotive Strikes

AFRICANGLOBE - Labour experts warned on Monday that lost production and revenue estimated at R700 million a day in the automotive sector would outstrip any material gains of striking workers as up to 30,000 of them downed tools across South Africa.

A Call to Abolish Slave Wages On South African Farms

AFRICANGLOBE - It is today an established fact that the Native Land Act (27 of 1913), among its directly intended objectives was to overnight create a massive cheap supply of African labour for White farms, as the millions of land disposed Africans in particular needed to find work either on the mines or farms, in order to survive the effects of the dispossession.