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Mozambique’s Natural Gas Wealth Set To Power Its Development

AFRICANGLOBE - For gas producers, there may be a silver lining, with lower prices creating an opportunity to use natural gas for power generation and other projects. The future of Southern Africa’s gas market, for example, could lie along a 2,600km pipeline linking the gas fields of Mozambique to South Africa.

Tanzania’s President Orders Officials To Speed Up 30 Billion Dollar LNG...

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzanian president John Magufuli ordered officials to speed up long-delayed work on a planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant, saying implementation of the project had taken too long. BG Group, recently acquired by Royal Dutch Shell, alongside Statoil, Exxon Mobil and Ophir Energy, plan to build a $30 billion-onshore LNG export terminal in partnership with the state-run Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) by the early 2020s.

East African Energy Boom On The Way

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2040 Africa will be producing more natural gas than Russia, with much of it coming from Tanzania and Mozambique. Kenya and Uganda are also preparing their own hydrocarbon booms, but much remains to be done in 2015 to speed up production and deliver benefits to local economies.

Ghana Signs $7bn Gas Production Deal

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of Ghana on Tuesday signed a $7-billion deal with Italian oil giant ENI and Dutch-owned energy firm Vitol for the production of 180 million cubic feet of natural gas.

Leaked Documents Shows Tanzania Being Plundered By Gas Firms

AFRICANGLOBE - When a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) between the state-owned Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and the Norwegian firm Statoil was leaked a couple of weeks ago, it revealed contract terms that are significantly less favourable to the government than had been expected.

‘Nigeria Needs $30 Billion For Gas Production By 2015’

AFRICANGLOBE - The Chairman of Nigeria's Senate Committee on Gas Resources, Senator Nkechi Nwaogu, says 30 billion dollars is required for the development of infrastructure to achieve daily gas production target by 2015.

The Rise Of The African Union: How Africa Plans To Challenge...

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Monetary Fund has predicted that Africa will be the new China. There is talk of a East African Single Currency which will regulate markets and ensure economic growth

Italian Oil Giant Eni To Invest $28bn In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Italian oil and gas major Eni plans to drill 140 new wells over the next four years in an ambitious $28 billion programme the company hopes will boost production in African markets, including Nigeria.

Hydraulic Fracking Begins in Botswana

AFRICANGLOBE - While a fierce debate rages about fracking in South Africa and elsewhere, the Botswana government has been silently pushing ahead with plans to produce natural gas, keeping the country in the dark as it grants concessions over vast tracts of land, including half of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve - the ancestral home of the San.

Indian Oil Giant to Buy Huge Stake in Africa’s Gas Sector

AFRICANGLOBE - India's biggest oil explorer, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), has agreed a deal to buy a 10% stake in an offshore gas field in Mozambique. It will pay Anadarko Petroleum, a US firm, $2.6bn (£1.7bn) for the stake.

Foreign Firm ENI to Pay Mozambique U.S. $400 Million

AFRICANGLOBE - The Italian energy company ENI has agreed to pay 400 million US dollars in capital gains tax to the Mozambican authorities. The tax agreement was announced on Tuesday when the ENI Chief Executive Officer, Paulo Scaroni, met Mozambican President Armando Guebuza in Changara district in the western province of Tete.

Tanzania Discovers Natural Gas

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania has signed three loan agreements with the World Bank worth $196.5 million to strengthen its energy sector following major gas discoveries, the country's finance ministry said in a statement.

What Does Oil and Gas Discoveries Mean for Mozambique?

AFRICANGLOBE - An energy boom is underway in Mozambique. If the recent discoveries of natural gas are confirmed, Mozambique will rank fourth in the world for natural-gas reserves behind Russia, Iran, and Qatar.

Mega-Projects Hire Hundreds of Mozambican Companies

AFRICANGLOBE - There are now 471 small and medium Mozambican companies who have contracts to supply goods and services to the country’s mega-projects (such as the Mozal aluminium smelter, the natural gas treatment plant run by the South African petro-chemical giant Sasol, and the open cast coal mines operated by Vale of Brazil and the Anglo-Australian company, Rio Tinto).

Gas: Mozambique’s Countdown to Production

AFRICANGLOBE - The Mozambican government must draw a deep breath before releasing the regulatory framework for exploiting its gas deposits, as it stands on the threshold of significant wealth. The recent bonanza of gas discoveries in Mozambique has the attention of the international oil and gas industry, but most of the country's acreage is still unexplored.

Egyptians Shocked By State Plans To Issue Gas Import Tenders

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptians have now woken up to government plans to issue a tender to import gas in the next few weeks. This comes many years after being told that the country’s natural gas reserves were almost bottomless.