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The Biggest Breakthrough In Dermatology: S. African Scientist Discovers Cause Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - The University of KwaZulu-Natal's Dean of Clinical Medicine, Professor Ncoza Dlova is earning worldwide praise after she helped discover a new gene that is a major cause of permanent hair loss amongst women of African descent.

Black Hair Is Not A Trend For White Consumption

AFRICANGLOBE - Imagine my surprise when I saw Kim Kardashian wearing the straight backs. Now repackaged as “boxer braids,” the fashion world was obsessed with the edgy new trend. However the only thing new about this style is that White women finally discovered it. Black women had been mocked for their natural hair for years. Protective styles and natural hair are often considered unruly, unprofessional, militant, and low class. Often when White women bring it in into mainstream culture, it suddenly becomes socially acceptable.

Businesswoman Sees Opportunity In Natural Hair Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - These days there is a natural hair movement sweeping all the way from the US to Africa. Think of Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie, South African musician Lira or Kenya’s first lady Margaret Kenyatta and her Ugandan counterpart Janet Museveni. On the streets and in the media, more and more Black women are flaunting the natural hair look.

Black Women Are Going Bald — But What’s The Root Cause?

AFRICANGLOBE - Hair loss can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or race. But there is an epidemic of hair loss going on now among black women. The International Society of Hair Restoration reports that nearly 30 million U.S. women are losing their hair; however, it's happening more to black women. Why?

Navy Discharges Black Sailor For Refusing To Cut Off Her Natural...

AFRICANGLOBE - This week, the Navy announced that it was discharging Jessica Sims, who has been a sailor for 12-years, for “failing to obey an order to cut off her natural hairstyle.”

Natural Hair Advocates Take On The U.S. Army

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Army has recently updated grooming standards with the alleged aim of ensuring uniformity among troops. But in doing so it banned a number of natural hairstyles popular with Black women, complicating life for up to one-quarter of female soldiers, and triggering a backlash on Capitol Hill.

Natural Hair Subscription Service Explodes With 5000% Increase In Sales

AFRICANGLOBE - Popular CurlKit marks its 2nd anniversary with another major increase in subscribers almost matching their meteoric increase last year. In February 2012, CurlKit launched their subscription service for natural hair and is now the fastest growing subscription company to-date with a growth of over 5000% in the first year and an equally impressive increase in the 2nd year.

Black Women Journeying Back To Their Natural Roots

AFRICANGLOBE - Many Black women are going natural because of thinning hair and breakage from harsh hair products and medications for high blood pressure and other ailments. They're not only learning to take better care of their hair, but also their bodies in general.

#TeamNatural: Why This Growing Haircare Trend Is More Than Just A...

AFRICANGLOBE - Recent data from global research firm Mintel backs up the claim that natural just might be the new normal in haircare. The report shows that chemical relaxers now account for just 21% of Black haircare sales and the sector has declined 26% since 2008 and 15% since 2011 when sales reached $179 million, the only category not to see growth.

African Women Join The Natural Hair Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - Puffs, cornrows, dreadlocks and afros: whatever the style, natural hair is enjoying a resurgence across Africa according to beauty bloggers in Nairobi and Dakar. "Employers are now more accepting of natural hair," says Nairobi-based natural hair blogger Nyachomba Kariuki (black girl long hair).

Hating Your Own Hair A Serious Disease

AFRICANGLOBE - Deep down inside there must be something wrong with the woman that looks in the mirror and hates what stares back at her. Just like the anorexic person hates their body, so too is the hatred of one’s own hair and skin an illness.

African-American Women Discuss Embracing Their Natural Hair

The debate over Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas’ hair shouldn’t come as a surprise. The controversy surrounding her ’do, which some detractors thought...