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Far-Right Movements Across Europe Are Making Hitler Popular Again

AFRICANGLOBE - An Argentinian man has purchased more than 50 items of Nazi memorabilia from a controversial auction in Munich. The single purchase, said to have totaled more than $683, 000 (£462,000), included a jacket owned by Adolf Hitler and silk underwear that once belonged to Nazi military leader Hermann Goering.

Kenya Launches Manhunt For German Terrorist

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyan police have issued a $100,000 bounty for the capture of a German man accused of fighting with al-Shabab in an attack on a military base. Two Kenyan soldiers and 11 al-Shabab terrorists were killed in the attack.

Nazi Germany Has A Blackface Problem

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite a growing backlash against it, blackface remains common in Germany. It has a long history in this country of roughly 82 million, where Nazism is banned, but pockets of racial prejudice still hold strong. "It's horrible that Black people are being portrayed as clowns and funny-looking people," says Tahir Della, spokesperson for the Initiative for Black People in Germany, an anti-racism group. "It's degrading."

Be It Nazi Germany Or Apartheid South Africa We Must Thank...

AFRICANGLOBE - Discovering why only a minority of people actively resist adversity, in any country, at any time, even when injustice stares them in the face or affects them directly, can be tantalising. Most people just get on with their lives and survive.

Zimbabwe’s Black Empowerment Minister Harassed, Detained In Nazi Germany

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere was detained Saturday morning at Munich International Airport in Germany after arriving on a flight from South Africa. Kasukuwere said he was held for three hours after arriving on Germany on his way to Poland to attend the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention.