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Sudan Govt Breaks Up Protest, Arrests Opposition Figures

Sudanese police on Sunday tear-gassed students who demonstrated in the capital Khartoum while security forces detained a prominent opposition figure ahead of his participation...

Will Political Instability in Sudan Lead to Military Adventurism?

It appears that the Arab Spring is finally reaching Sudan as the NCP regime grapples with economic and political turmoil being manifested by student-led...

Beginning of End for Omar Hassan Al-Bashir?

Student-led demonstrations coupled with growing frustration among sections of Sudan's broader population provide the strongest indications yet of a real push for regime change,...

Sudan Inches Closer Towards Collapse as Protests Spread

The protest movement that began in Sudan six days ago has gained momentum on Friday with serious demonstrations taking place throughout the day in...

Sudan Braces for 30% Reduction in Govt Size as Austerity Bites

The governing National Congress Party (NCP) in Sudan has decided to relinquish "30 percent" of its representation in both executive and legislative authorities nationwide...

South Sudan’s Show of Strength

When President Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir told the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), 'Either we end up in Juba and take everything or...

Opposition Parties Call on Bashir to Stop Waging War and Resign

Sudan's political opposition alliance has rejected the declaration made by accused war criminal Omer Hassan Al-Bashir on Saturday, to mobilise for war and deploy...

South Sudan Asserts its Sovereignty Over its Economic Future

Few outside the Juba government had expected it to start shutting down oil production on 22 January. Warnings from the Government of South Sudan...

The Wisdom Of Shutting Down Oil Production In South Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - There is an avalanche of support for the great decision taken by the government and people of South Sudan to stop theft of their oil wealth by the grand children of slave traders by closing the pipeline which the NCP leaders thought without it the South Sudan would crumble economically. The applause is both expressed by South Sudanese in the ten states and by those in the Diaspora.

Conflict Risk Alert – Stopping the Spread of Sudan’s New Civil...

Khartoum's most recent military offensive -- this time in Blue Nile state -- adds to fresh fighting between government and opposition forces in Southern Kordofan and recent hostilities in Abyei. With hundreds of thousands of people displaced, at least 20,000 of whom have fled into Ethiopia from Blue Nile in recent days, the growing war on multiple fronts poses serious dangers for the country, for its future relationship with the Republic of South Sudan and for the stability of the region as a whole.

Opposition Calls for Overthrowing Sudan's Arab Minority Government

The Sudanese opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP) led by the veteran Islamist Hassan Al-Turabi has stepped up anti-government rhetoric, accusing Khartoum of committing "ethnic cleansing" in Blue Nile and calling for its ouster.

Sudan: Arab North Now Bombing Civilians in South Kordofan

On Jun. 19, Angelo al-Sir, a subsistence farmer from a small village east of Kadugli, capital of the oil-rich South Kordofan state in Northern Sudan, saw his pregnant wife, two of his 10 children, his nephew and another relative killed in an Arab airstrike in broad daylight.

Sudan Edging Towards the Brink as Arab Aggression intensifies

As the Sudanese regime bombs the Nuba heartland and moves Missiriya Arabs into a near empty Abyei, tension is rising across Sudan, especially along the still undemarcated North-South border and in the oil fields.

South Kordofan Clashes: North Sudan Invades Another Town

Fighting in Sudan's flash-point state of South Kordofan has rumbled on for the third consecutive day, forcing the UN to suspend operations and sparking both domestic and international concerns.

Bashir’s Agression Could Split Sudan Into Five

Certainly no African patriot and Pan Africanist can allow a reversal of the gains made by the people of South Sudan, so we see regional efforts to make Khartoum respect the Machakos agreement