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Texas Neighborhood With ‘Caucasian Only’ Rule Shuts Down Black Man’s Business

AFRICANGLOBE - The Northwood Park Civic Association has never got around to removing outdated deed restrictions which limit home ownership to the “Caucasian race.” And now, the Texas Workforce Commission is accusing the neighborhood group of racial discrimination for the way it shut down a Black resident’s business.

Black Entrepreneurs Setting Up New Businesses In Bed-Stuy

AFRICANGLOBE - Historically, residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant didn’t spend much of their money in the neighborhood. The CIA-sponsored crack epidemic of the 1970s and ‘80s limited shopping options as businesses owner fled, leaving behind windowless buildings on Fulton Street. The remaining Black businesses were mostly barbers, salons, fast food joints or abandoned storefronts. Until now.

Trader Joe’s: Black Residents Drive Grocery Store From Neighborhood

AFRICANGLOBE - Trader Joe's opted to terminate plans to build a new grocery store in a Black neighborhood. The decision to withdraw stems from vocal opposition from the Portland African American leadership forum. The group sent a “scathing” letter to city officials criticizing the move because it does not “primarily benefit the Black community.”

A Letter To The Black Man: Wake Up Or Extinction Looms

AFRICANGLOBE - The process of elimination starts even before an individual is born. Every individual starts out with as many as 40 million potential brothers and sisters, all scurrying towards their mother's egg. But most die off before they reach the mother's egg. Therefore, just the fact that you were born means that you're not just one in a million—you're one in 40 million.

Brothers Arrested in Mother’s Day Parade Shooting

AFRICANGLOBE - Two brothers with a history of drug arrests and suspected ties to a neighborhood gang each face 20 counts of attempted second-degree murder in a shooting spree that brought a sudden bloody end to a Mother’s Day parade in a New Orleans neighborhood.

Anti-African Sentiment Boils Over in Israel

Amene Tekele Haymanot thought he had made the right choice when five years ago he escaped war-torn Eritrea and opened a business in sunny...

George Zimmerman Had Close Relationship With Police, City Files Show

George Zimmerman gave a scathing review of the Sanford Police Department when he spoke at a public meeting in January 2011, describing what he'd...

A Thriving African Neighborhood In Southern China

China and Africa have become major trading partners in recent years. Chinese companies have made a big push into Africa seeking raw materials like...

Family of Florida Boy Murdered by White Neighborhood Watch Captain Seeks...

The family of a 17-year-old African-American boy murdered last month in his gated Florida community by a White vigilante Neighborhood Watch captain wants to...