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More Evidence Why Africa Must Ditch The International Criminal Court

AFRICANGLOBE - Calls for Africa to ditch the International Criminal Court continue to grow louder in the context of its unbridled bias towards the continent’s leadership. Since its inception, the ICC has been riddled with accusations of selective application of prosecution with more evidence now be unearthed of how the supposedly international court of appeal has become the West’s instrument of coercion against “errant” African leaders. Isn’t it clear that the ICC has, on several occasions, been exposed for its role in trying to destabilise Africa so that the West can plunder the continent’s resources? African countries, scholars and international relations experts unanimously contend that the ICC has become an instrument to further the West’s interests in dominating the developing world since the end of the Cold War.

Can The Youth Save Africa From Neo-Colonialism?

AFRICANGLOBE - In his book, “Neo-Colonialism : The Last Stage of Imperialism,” Kwame Nkrumah cautioned: 'So long as Africa remains divided, it will therefore be the wealthy consumer countries who will dictate the price of its resources'.