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Neo-Nazis Rally In Pennsylvania

AFRICANGLOBE - A protest by a neo-Nazi organization has taken place outside government buildings in the US state of Pennsylvania, which was met by a larger counter-rally. Dozens of members of the Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM), an American neo-Nazi group, chanted slogans in support of white supremacy and against racial diversity in the US.

Philadelphia Cop Exposed As White Supremacist With Ties To Neo-Nazis

AFRICANGLOBE - It is obvious from his past association with Blood and Honour, his Nazi tattoos, his cosplaying a Third Reich soldier and his reactionary, racist, anti-communist photoshops that Philadelphia cop Ian Hans Lichterman is an extreme danger to the people of Philadelphia (especially Black People) as long as he has a gun and a badge.

Russian Neo Nazi Terrorize South African Student And Ukrainian Teens

AFRICANGLOBE - In Belgorod, Russia the infamous Neo Nazi group “Okkupaj Pedofilyaj” lured into the trap and tortured a South African teenager who went to Russia to study at the local University.

Neo-Nazi and KKK Grand Dragon Seek to Turn North Dakota Town...

AFRICANGLOBE - In Leith, North Dakota, residents are fearing a neo-Nazi takeover after Craig Cobb, an extreme White supremacist wanted in Canada on federal charges of hate crimes, started buying up land in the tiny agricultural town, Daily Mail reported.

US Gunman Alleged to Have Killed Six at Sikh Temple Was...

Much remains murky in relation to the mass shooting Sunday at a Wisconsin Sikh temple that resulted in the death of seven people, including...