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Are We Ever Going To See The End Of Europe’s Racist...

AFRICANGLOBE - In December the Netherlands' version of Christmas, Sinterklaas, is welcomed with Santa Claus, chocolate, presents and... blacked up ‘elves’. According to the original tale, ‘Black Pete’ acts as Santa Claus’s slave and does his dirty work. Since the 1850s, Dutch people have painted themselves black, worn curly wigs, donned red santa outfits and overdrawn their lips to create the black caricature on Sinterklaas. He is feared by Dutch children, who are told that he will kidnap or hit naughty children, while good children will get treats from Santa.

90 Arrested As Protesters Clash With Black Pete Proponents

AFRICANGLOBE - A pre-Christmas children’s gathering in the Netherlands, held to celebrate the arrival of St. Nicholas, was broken up by clashes Saturday after demonstrators objected to a blackface character named Black Pete. At least 90 people were arrested in the cheesemaking town of Gouda,

Black Pete Is Just A Bit Of Fun For The Netherlands,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, a Dutch court ruled that the depiction of Black Pete is, in fact, racist. The court determined that the character was “a negative stereotype of Black people”. Soon after, the council of Amsterdam filed an appeal against the verdict arguing that the stereotype of Black Pete wasn’t negative.

Netherlands: Racist Christmas Character Black Pete To Be Given Makeover

AFRICANGLOBE - According to Dutch folklore Black Pete, traditionally depicted by White actors in blackface, bright red lipstick and black curly afro hair, is the slave of Father Christmas and has been a central figure of Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands and Flanders since the 18th century.