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An Immoral Use Of Jewish Power In Upstate New York

AFRICANGLOBE - New York State’s legislative session is in full swing, and thousands of Jews from across denominational lines are expressing their support for two bills that, on the face of it, don’t seem to have anything to do with typical Jewish issues like Israel or liberal social causes. But these bills — A.5355 and S.3821, as they’re known in Albany — are the test case for the moral future of Jewish life in New York, perhaps even the whole country.

Macy’s Settles Racial Profiling Probe With New York State For $650,000

AFRICANGLOBE - Macy’s is coughing up $650,000 to settle accusations of racial profiling against its store in New York City’s Herald Square, the. The retail giant signed on to an agreement on Tuesday with the attorney general of New York.