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‘Your Skin Colour Was A Crime’: African Migrants In Algeria

AFRICANGLOBE - 2018 has been a terrible year for migrant workers in Algeria, marked by the biggest number of arrests and deportations ever. One of the first expulsions of migrants was triggered by a fight between some African workers and locals in the suburbs of Algiers two years ago. Security forces arrested 1500 Africans, deporting hundreds to the border with Niger.

America Building A $100 Million Drone Base In Niger

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States military said on Friday it is building a $100 million (£76.8 million) temporary base for surveillance drones in Agadez, central Niger, allegedly to help the West African country combat militant groups and protect its borders.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari To Visit Niger, Chad In First Trip

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria's new president, Muhammadu Buhari, will embark on his first official trip overseas this week when he travels to neighbouring Niger and Chad to discuss the fight against Boko Haram, his spokesman said on Monday.

230 Boko Haram Terrorists Killed In Weekend Battle

AFRICANGLOBE - Around 230 people were killed, including at least 74 from Niger, at the weekend in the country's bloodiest battle yet with Boko Haram from neighbouring Nigeria, the government said on Tuesday.

Troops From Niger, Chad Pursue Boko Haram Members

AFRICANGLOBE - Niger and Chad are participating in a joint offensive along with Nigeria and Cameroon aimed at ending the Boko Haram, which has spilled across Nigeria's borders to threaten regional stability.

Nigeria, Chad, Niger Discuss Boko Haram Operations

AFRICANGLOBE - Security chiefs from Nigeria, Chad and Niger met in Abuja Monday to appraise their ongoing joint counterterrorism operations against the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Chad, Niger Start Joint Attack On Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - Chad and Niger launched a joint army operation against Boko Haram in Nigeria on Sunday, intensifying a regional offensive designed to defeat the group, military sources said.

Why Getting Back The Port Of Assab Matters To Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Since most of the country's import-export trade is conducted through sea transport, and because Massawa and Assab are no longer viable options, Ethiopia is forced to rely on the ports of neighboring countries, especially Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan and occasionally, Somalia. However, the costs of transportation to most of the destination ports are very prohibitive in view of the long distances and poor land transport facilities.

Baga Massacre Must Become A Turning Point For The Nigerian Army

AFRICANGLOBE - The loss of Baga should be a turning point for the Nigerian army to resolve to reclaim every centimetre of territory that is now in the claws of the Muslim terrorists.

Pentagon To Open Second Drone Base In Niger Expand Operations In...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Pentagon is preparing to open a drone base in one of the remotest places in Africa: an ancient caravan crossroads in the middle of the Sahara. After months of negotiations, the government of Niger, a landlocked West African nation, has authorized the U.S. military to fly unarmed drones from the mud-walled desert city of Agadez, according to Nigerien and U.S. officials.

Niger’s Consciousness Awakening Over Its National Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - "We're seeing a real awakening of people's consciousness on this issue; something is happening" says Boubacar Soumane, communications manager for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Niger. As yet another deadline looms for an agreement between Areva and the Nigerien state on the contract for the French nuclear giant's uranium operations at Arlit, the issue is clearly capturing the public imagination.

Famine-Stricken Niger Feeds French Development and Wealth

AFRICANGLOBE - The former French African colony of Niger is facing famine – yet again – with international aid agencies reporting this week that up to one million people are currently without access to food. As one million people now face starvation in Niger – the poorest country on the planet that otherwise should be one of the richest – oblivious French politicians, reclining in Elysée Palace, will no doubt be toasting their glasses of fine wine over fine food, and arrogantly chortling: «Vive La France!»

‘Libya Has Turned Into a Threat’ – Niger

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya, considered an El Dorado for jobs and money when Muammar Gaddafi was its “Guide”, has become a terrorist threat in the eyes of people in northern Niger after two suicide bombings that killed tens and injured dozens.

Arab Terrorists Threaten More Attacks in Niger

AFRICANGLOBE - The Signatories in Blood group, led by Algerian terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, has threatened more attacks against French and other interests in the African state of Niger after Thursday's double suicide bombings that claimed more than 26 lives.

Niger: Arabs Attack Another African Country Killing 26

AFRICANGLOBE - At least 20 people have been killed after suicide bombers in Niger detonated two car bombs simultaneously, one inside a military camp in the city of Agadez and another in the remote town of Arlit inside a French-operated uranium mine, the country's ministry of defence said.

5 Things Happening In Africa That Are Not Oscar Pistorius

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama announced in a letter to Congress that he will be deploying 100 troops to Niger, to help aid in the ongoing operations against Arab terorists in Mali. The troops will be armed “for the purpose of providing their own force protection and security,” and focus on “intelligence sharing.”